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              Free Shipping and 30 Day Returns. Flexible Payments. Orders Ship Next Business Day.


              We are an aluminum diecast manufacturer which established in 2002, and specializes in aluminum alloy/zinc alloy die-casting. We have advanced die-casting technology and CNC machining equipment, capable of designing and manufacturing accessories as well as finished products. We provide full services including products research and development, mold design and manufacturing, die-casting, precision machining, surface treatment and finished product assembly for customers in various indurstries, such as furniture, household appliances, lighting and automotive.

              We are based in Foshan city, China, where the furniture and household appliances industries cluster. Our annual output of aluminum/zinc alloy die castings has reached 2,000 tons. Everyday we develop and manufacture die-casting products for customers around Italy, Denmark, Germany, Japan, the United States, Australia, Southeast Asia and mainland China.


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              Products and Service

              We provide full services from mold design and manufacturing to finished product assembly.

              Global Customers

              In the past 20 years, we have been working closely with our customers and adding values for them with our high production efficiency, high and stable product quality, great services, and honesty.?

              B&B Italia's Supplier
              Hay's supplier
              & Tradition's supplier
              DEDON's supplier
              Toshiba's supplier
              Sanyei's supplier
              Midea's supplier
              Galanz's supplier
              Gloster's supplier
              Vanward's supplier
              Janus et cie's supplier
              gohome's supplier


              We believe that our long-term development closely relates to the protection of global environment. Therefore, our strategy has sustainable targets as well as financial targets.

              As a diecasting factory, it is impossible for us to get rid of all the pollution. However, we have made 5 concrete areas that we can work with to reduce the environmental pollution and at the same time, help our business partners and customers to achieve their environmental goals together.


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